Iran Releases Maersk Ship

Maersk Line announced on Thursday that its M/V Maersk Tigris, which is a cargo ship that is under its charter, was released over a week after being seized by naval vessels from Iran which raised tensions across the entire Strait of Hormuz.

In its official statement, the shipping giant based in Denmark said it was happy as well as relieved that the ship was released and that according to the company managing the vessel its crew remained in good condition.

Maersk said the vessel resumed its course to its destination, which is the port of Jebel Ali located in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the management company and Maersk the vessel, which is flagged in the Marshall Islands was seized on April 28 while near the Strait of Hormuz while en route to Jebel Ali from Jeddah.

Patrol boats from Iran fired a number of warning shots across the vessel’s bow and ordered it to a point near Bandar Abbas a port in southern Iran.

Officials in Iran said the vessel had been seized because a court order that had been issued previously ordering Maersk Line to make payments settling disputes with Talaieh Pars Oil Products a private company in Iran.

In its statement, Maersk said the release of the vessel followed a dialogue with authorities in Iran over the cargo case.

The seizure came during a time of increased tensions across the region. Saudi Arabia, one of the main rivals of Iran for power across the Persian Gulf, is the lead in a group of countries carrying out air attacks on Houthi rebels located in Yemen who are backed by Iran.

The United States as well as five other powers are trying to finalize a nuclear program deal with Iran that limits its activities, in exchange for easing international sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

In response to the seizure of the Maersk Tigris, the military from the U.S. started providing escorts to British and American flagged vessels that pass through the Strait of Hormuz that is just 21 miles wide. The strait is the outlet that flows close to 30% of the seaborne oil ships for the world.

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