Iran Says Reporter from Washington Post Convicted

Jason Rezaian a reporter for the Washington Post was found guilty on a number of charges by a court in Iran, following his closed-door trial, the state TV in the Islamic Republic reported.

It was not clear of what the court actually convicted Rezaian of. He had faced a number of charges including espionage, during his trial, which has been criticized widely by the United States government and organizations promoting press freedoms.

Iranian spokesperson Gholam Hossein Mohseni told Iranian state TV that Rezaian was convicted but the details of the verdicts had not been released.

Rezaian can appeal the verdict within the next 20 days.

Mohseni discussed the case of the Washington Post reporters during a Sunday press conference open only to Iranian media. Initial reports from the Iranian media said the verdict was issued but did not include for what charges, which has led to much confusion.

Only the ISNA news agency, which is semi-official reported on the conviction. State TV aired a video of Sunday’s press conference and called the American reporter an American spy.

It has been reported that Rezaian was facing up to as many as 20 years if convicted on all his charges. Martin Baron the executive editor of the Post called the verdict of guilty, “an outrageous injustice.”

He added in a prepared statement that the government of Iran act unconscionably through the entire case, but not anymore than with this decision that is indefensible by its Revolutionary Court.

The paper has been working with the family of Rezaian and his legal counsel to appeal the court’s decision swiftly and push for him to be released on bail pending the final decision, said the Post editor.

Baron reiterated the position of the Post that Rezaian is innocent of all charges and should be finally exonerated then set free.

Rezaian had been detained along with his wife, who is also a journalist with a United Arab Emirates newspaper, along with two photojournalists in July of 2014. All except Rezaian were eventually freed.

Rezaian has duel American and Iranian citizenship and has been the bureau chief in Tehran for the Post since 2012.

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