Iran to Increase the Number of Radio Stations to 27

Iran to Increase the Number of Radio Stations to 27

Iran is planning to increase the number of its radio stations to 27. New stations will include both professional networking and public radio network.

During the first national radio festival held in Tehran, the managers of all the radio stations came together and discussed the current problems in this field. They also talked about several topics in order to find solutions for addressing their common issues.

IRIB Deputy Director of Radio Mohammad-Hossein Soufi called these sessions ‘effective and important’. He believes the constructive discussions will help to promote the radio network in Iran. “Now more than 70 years have passed since the birth of radio in Iran. Radio Tehran and Radio Iran were the first two channels formed in National Iranian Radio and Television which affect on forming other regional stations.”

“Actually starting and launching the other radio stations were affected by the missions and audiences of Radio Tehran and Radio Iran. So we are working hard to increase the number of national radios to cover professional networking.” Mohammad-Hossein Soufi added.

During the recent years Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting organization has invested much money in expanding and developing the current network of Iran’s radio and television. Iran has recently inaugurated several TV channels in professional field from marketing to documentaries. However Iran’s constitution restricts private sector in Iran to open national wide radio and television channels.

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