Iran to Resume Agricultural Exports to Four Arab Countries

Iran to Resume Agricultural Exports to Four Arab Countries

Since the beginning of the new Persian year (started on 21 March), Iran has stopped agricultural exports to Arab countries in Persian Gulf. Iran’s Ministry of Commerce stopped paying subsidies to Valfajr Shipping Company so the Iranian corporation didn’t transport cargoes from Bushehr port to Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

“By stopping the operation of Valfajr Shipping Company, we couldn’t ship our freights to some Arab countries. After six months, Export & Importers Union of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers & Plants in cooperation with Ministry of Commerce found a foreigner shipping company to transport freights from Iran to Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.” said Iran Export Confederation vice president, Reza Noorani.

“According to the negotiations and agreements this new company will ship the first cargo from Iran to Kuwait on tomorrow. Also the process of exporting agricultural products to other countries will be started in near future. At these hard situations, finding new markets for Iranian products is very hard. So we must try hard to keep our market shares in Arab countries.” Reza Noorani reiterated.

In order to reduce the state costs, Iranian government has decided to cut the subsidies. Therefore a lot of problems have been occurred for local shipping companies which are dependent to governmental financial assistants.

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