Iran Wants China to Help Resolve Middle East Problems

Iran wants help from China to resolve the built up tensions and the unrest across in the Middle East. It is gearing up to host more companies from China once the sanctions imposed against it have been lifted, said the foreign minister of Iran on Tuesday.

Iran and China have close economic, diplomatic, energy and trade ties and China remains actively pushing Iran and the U.S. to reach an agreement on the nuclear program in Iran.

Under the deal, that was agreed back in July, the sanctions imposed by the U.S., the EU and the U.N. will be taken off in exchange for the Islamic Republic agreeing to curbs over the long term on its nuclear program which the West long suspected was set up to create a nuclear weapon.

China is the largest customer of oil from Iran and their economies were very complementary as the two countries faced similar challenges as well as opportunities said officials.

China has traditionally been a diplomatic player that is low key in this region, despite the reliance it has on oil, calling for the negotiating settlements as well as decrying any threats or use of any force.

China officials said they agree that unrest in North Africa and West Asia is not sustainable and should come to a resolution politically and a solution should be sought to address the concerns of the different parties involved.

China long objected to any unilateral sanctions imposed against Iran by Europe and the United States, though it supported one imposed by the United Nations, but denounced threats of using any force.

Officials in China also said they would fulfill the country’s promise and play a constructive and active role in the implementing of the July nuclear deal.

This past July, Xi Jinping the President of China told President Barack Obama of the United States that China would work with the U.S. along with other countries to ensure than the nuclear agreement is implemented. Xi visits the U.S. later in September.

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