Iranian Court Accused Maziar Bahari of ‘Spreading Lies’ Against Press TV

Iranian Court Accused Maziar Bahari of 'Spreading Lies' Against Press TV

A few months ago Press TV, the main English Channel of Iranian government, filed a lawsuit against Maziar Bahari in local court. Press TV announced that the ‘false’ claims made by Bahari has disturbed this television channel and the British government’s media body Ofcom imposed a 100,000 GBP fine against it which made the authorities of Press TV angry.

Now a local court has sentenced Bahari to six months in absentia. It is completely normal that Maziar Bahari refused to attend the court to defend because Iran’s security forces would definitely arrest him for his claims against Iranian government. Bahari had claimed that Press TV interviewed him under duress. Press TV had broadcast Bahari saying “I sent a report about an attack against a Basij base to UK’s Channel Four as well as to Newsweek magazine.”

Press TV announced that Iran’s judiciary might urge Interpol to arrest Maziar Bahari and return him to Iran. It’s good to know that Iran’s judiciary system has officially asked Interpol to return Mohammad Reza Khavari, a main culprit in the bank scam, to Iran as soon as possible but Interpol refused to take any action after receiving Iran’s official request.

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