Iranian Exporters Asked Venezuela to Pay Their Debts

Iranian Exporters Asked Venezuela to Pay Their Debts

During a summit with ambassador of Venezuela to Tehran, Iranian exporters asked the South American government to pay their debts as soon as possible. They also posed their problems in trading with this country.

Iranian Deputy Commerce Minister Hamid Safdel talked about the future of the economic relations between Iran and Venezuela. “The government of Venezuela is going to appoint Mr David Nieves Velásquez Caraballo as the next Deputy Foreign Minister of Venezuela after completing his mission in Tehran. Velásquez Caraballo has good insight over Iran’s potentials in economic and business and I am sure that he will help both sides to improve the bilateral cooperations.”

Velásquez Caraballo stated his country is committed to follow its agreements with Iranian traders and exporters. “Venezuelan government is aware about its responsibility to Iranian exporters and we will pay the mentioned debts soon. According to the recent negotiations between Iran and Venezuela, we will boost our ties in agricultural and technology fields.”

The total value of trades between Iran and Venezuela is estimated around $83.9 during the three first months of the new Persian year.

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