Iranian Government to Launch More Search Engines

Iranian Government to Launch More Search Engines

Iran has recently opened a new search engine named “Parsijoo” to break the empire of U.S. based Google in Persian search. Some users criticize the low qualities of Parsijoo when performing searches and they believe the results gathered by this homemade search engine have been obtained from Google’s databases.

According to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Reza Taghipour, the next search engine will offer more features and better qualities than Parsijoo. The new project will be unveiled on Bahman during the anniversary of Iran’s Islamic revolution.

Base on Alexa ranking system, Parsijoo was between the top 60,000 websites in world during the recent one month and it is currently ranked between top 1000 websites in Iran. Accordingly, Parsijoo is receiving 13.75% of its daily traffic directly from Google. Actually people are trying to find the address of Parsijoo using Google search engine.

It is also interesting to know that Baidu provides an index of 740 million web pages and Iranian Parsijoo claims that this search engine has index of over 120 million web pages. The total population of China is nearly 20 times more than Iran’s population and the number of produced digital content should somehow follow this ratio but comparing two numbers of 120 and 740 rejects our logical understanding.

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