Iranian MP Says U.S. led Sanctions are Propaganda Tools

Iranian MP Says US led Sanctions are Only Propaganda Tools

Despite the disastrous effects of U.S. led sanctions on Iran’s economy, a member of Iran’s Majlis believes these sanctions are only some ‘propaganda tools’ used by American politicians before presidential election.

“Western countries and the United States are walking away from negotiations with Iran over the nuclear case. They want to buy times from other countries to hold presidential election in the United States and postpone meetings with Iran.” said Mohammad Hassan A’safari, An MP sitting on the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee.

“Westerns know that Iranian nation will not retreat from its clear right to use nuclear energy for civil purposes and U.S. engineered sanctions will not stop Iran’s movement.” MP A’safari added.

He also criticized the vision of European countries in direct negotiations with Iran by saying: “We think these countries must avoid from their win-loss view on these meetings. As a Muslim country, Iran prohibits from using and developing nuclear weapons because it is Haram according to Islam Sharia.”

The nuclear case of Iran is currently suspended and the probable negotiations with this country might continue after U.S. presidential election. Meanwhile Israel, the primary enemy of Iran in the Middle East region, has repeated its threats toward this country.

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