Iranian Politician Blames Early Election Debates

Mojtaba Shakeri, a member of the Revolution's Altruists Society

Mojtaba Shakeri, a member of the Revolution’s Altruists Society, blamed other conservative parties for starting election debates which “inspire negative sentiments to community at the current time”.

“Political parties must try to increase the collaborations and useful discussions between each other but at this moment we see some conservative parties to instigate difference and challenge. I think these kinds of actions hurt the political space of community.” said Mojtaba Shakeri, a member of Iranian hardliner political party.

“Politicians and activists must address economic issues at this time. Also they should hold debates on ‘economy of resistance’ topic.” Mojtaba Shakeri added. As the sanctions by United States and European countries on Iran have been increased, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei innovated the term of ‘economy of resistance’. According to the new policy of Islamic Republic of Iran, this country will tolerate all the sanctions and Iran will not stop it’s so called peaceful nuclear program. United Stated and Israel accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons.

“Topics related to upcoming presidential election are not that important subject now. They turn positive potentials and sentiments into negatives. By the way due to the recent threats posed by Israel against Iran, we will elect a president who has the ability to control the conditions and committed to Islamic Republic’s policies.” Mojtaba Shakeri added.

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