Iranian Students Gather to Protest anti-Islam Film

Iranian Students Gather to Protest anti-Islam Film

Today more than 5000 Iranian students gathered in Tehran’s main square, Azadi, to protest anti-Islam movie produced in the United States and financially backed by Zionism groups.

Iran Ministry of Education in cooperation with the municipality of Tehran organized this demonstration and called students of high schools to attend the anti-US protests. In today’s peaceful demonstration students condemned the recent anti-Islam movie and chanted slogans against the United States and Israel. They carried placards of “Death to United States”, “Death to Israel” and “Blessings upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad”. The other group of students held the same demonstration in front of Tehran’s Sharif University. Hardliner groups fired the flag of Israel and United States in order to show their hatred against these two countries.

At the end of these demonstrations, students signed and published an statement condemning the insulting film.

“This is the first organized demonstrations for students over this matter and we are trying hard to organize more in future.” said Hossein Soltani, an official of manipulability.

Iran’s traffic police helped the organizers to not stop cars from moving around Azadi square.

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