Iranians Innovated Ghasedak Operating System

Iranians Innovated Ghasedak Operating System

Iranian company, Ghasedak Samaneh, innovated Ghasedak operating system for local use.

Using a safe version of computer’s operating system has become one of the most important problems of Iranian organizations and even home users. Iranian government doesn’t have enough trust to “Western” made operating systems and softwares and they are planning to innovate everything they need in Iran. This also includes operating system.

Kazem Ghanbari, the CEO of Ghasedak Samaneh corporation, announced the release of the Linux base OS. “We have worked on this project for months to deliver a 100% free and safe operating system base on Linux for Iranian users and organizations.”

Ghasedak OS is completely free to download and it has 100% compatibility with different types of hardwares existed in market. This Iran made operating system also supports famous softwares such as Microsoft Office, Adobe and etc. Extraordinary ability to customize the interface of Ghasedak and fully supporting Persian and English are the other features of this OS.

According to the statistics provided by Source Forge, more than 58% of downloaders of this OS were from United Arab Emirates instead of Islamic Republic of Iran.

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