Iran’s Cyber Police Detain Adult Website Administrator

Iran's Cyber police Detain Adult Website Administrator

According to the new announcement by Iran Police, adult website designer and webmaster have been arrested in Kerman.

“The experts of Cyber Police center in Kerman found a website including adult and immoral content during monitoring the virtual space. After performing certain researches and technical measures the administrator of this site was identified in Rafsanjan city and steps taken to arrest him.” said Kambiz Esmaeili, the chief of Kerman’s Cyber Police.

“Officers of Cyber Police were sent to Rafsanjan and with the cooperation of Judiciary they identified the exact location of this person and arrested him in an emergency operation. Some computers were discovered in the inspection of the location.” Kambiz Esmaeili added. The investigation over this matter continues.

Publishing and making pornography content is completely forbidden and illegal in Iran and such works deemed as “immoral”. Convicts may sentence to long term jail and even execution base on the recent rule legislated in the parliament of Iran.

Iran’s Cyber Police is a new active division of Police and they try to keep Internet and virtual space “clean” from anti-Islam contents.

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