Iran’s Police Warns of Web-based Instant Messengers

Iran's Police Warns of Internet Based Messengers

Iraj Mohammad Khani, head of Iran’s cyber police in Gilan province, warns of web based instant message services such as messengers.

“Messengers are one of the most popular ways for communications. But it comes with several threats to users and they should be aware of these risks. Information and data sent and received through these softwares are not encrypted. So clients must not send their sensitive data via these messengers because third parties can monitor their activities.” Said Colonel Iraj Mohammad Khani.

“Users should scan files received via messengers before opening them. Actually they can carry malwares and viruses. Also clients must choose unintelligible passwords for their accounts.” Mohammad Khani added. He also warned users to not publish their personal information in networking profiles because they could be misused by others.

“Also people must use the latest version of messengers. In fact new versions address security holes and it is very useful to have the last version. Users must regularly update their instant message softwares and change their selected passwords. Messenger softwares are not appropriate tools for discussing personal and sensitive topics.” Iraj Mohammad Khani said.

Iran Cyber Police is trying hard to stop online crimes in the country which is suffering from the high rate of online frauds and crimes.

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