Iran’s Technology Market is Affected by Currency Fluctuations

Iran's Technology Market is Affected by Currency Fluctuations

As the currency fluctuations in Iran is increasing day to day, the Iran’s technology market is observing its worst days. Base on the received reports from Tehran and other major cities, the mobiles and laptop’s markets are closed and there is not any notable supply and demand in markets reportedly.

Ali Rahbar, economist and activist in Iran’s technology market, believes the current condition is because of the currency fluctuations. “The Dollar exchange rate is increasing daily so cell phone sellers don’t sell their products because they cannot buy the same mobiles for regular prices. Even some people have decided to close their shops.”

Another analyst remarked that at the moment customers have postponed their purchases for another time because the prices have been increased in average. “Sellers and shopkeepers cannot continue their businesses with these situations.”

The same problem is going in Iran’s laptop market.”The recent currency fluctuations have made many troubles for laptops’ market. Customers deny buying brand new devices because of their high prices.” said Hamid Rahmatvand, a laptop seller in Tehran. “The total imports of laptops have been decreased drastically but prices are increasing.”

As it appears even the technology market of Iran is affected by U.S. led sanctions on Iran against its controversial nuclear program.

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