Iraq Releases Airstrike Video that Allegedly Killed ISIS Deputy Commander

The Defense Ministry in Iraq announced on Wednesday that the Islamic State deputy commander was killed during an airstrike in the northern region of Iraq.

The footage shows an airstrike hitting a complex that apparently was occupied by the ISIS deputy commander at the time, but the U.S. military has denied that coalition forces conducted the attack.

The Iraqi defense ministry said that Abu Alaa al-Afar had been killed by a coalition airstrike at a mosque while he had been meeting with other members of the militant group and other militants from other militia groups. However, the Central Command of the U.S. strongly insited that an airstrike by the coalition had hit that mosque.

The Command said it did not have any information that could corroborate the claims by the Iraqi Defense Ministry that the important militant leader was killed.

Over 60 countries, with the U.S. in the lead, launched an air campaign to degrade as well as destroy the Sunni Islamist ultra radical militant group, which has seized large swaths of land in Syria and Iraq. This coalition has conducted airstrikes against the IS in both Syria and Iraq.

The defense ministry in Iraq said that based upon accurate intelligence a coalition airstrike had targeted the number two commander while he was in a mosque in northern Iraq.

The deputy commander of ISIS whose official name is Abdul Rahman Mustafa Mohammad is and ethnic Turkman from Tel Afar a town in the northwestern part of Iraq and he is considered the Islamic State’s second in charge under Abu Bark al Baghdadi the self proclaimed caliph.

Baghdadi was reported to be incapacitated by a coalition airstrike in that same general area of Iraq. IT was thought that Afar was chosen to assume the militant group’s leadership.

Pentagon officials denied the reports saying that Baghdadi is capable of carrying out the leadership duties of the organization and wasn’t hurt in any coalition airstrike.

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