Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket Successfully in Israel

Police in Eilat have confirmed that no casualties or damage was caused when an Iron Dome battery was able to successfully intercept a missile that targeted the resort city located in southern Israel.

The anti-missile battery was able to intercept the rocket just after 1:00 am Tuesday. The incident is the first time this Iron Dome System intercepted successfully a rocket as it was over the resort city.

The incident comes only two days after reports in Egypt said the Israelis launched a drone strike that killed five Islamist militants in the northern Sinai at a site for launching rockets.

The attack comes at a time when the tourist season is at its peak in southern Israel. In Eilat, residents and visitors alike could hear warning sirens just after 1:00 am. People reported two explosions could be heard following the sirens.

Police in the city of Eilat confirmed the system had successfully intercepted the rocket and no damage to the city or injuries to people had been reported.

Eilat’s airport last week was ordered closed by the Israeli military because of security threats in the Sinai Peninsula nearby.

After the order to close the airport, Defense Forces from Israel said that civilian airports are also managed by the Israel Airports Authority and the Air Force.

Egyptian officials said on Sunday that five Islamic militants had been killed and a nearby rocket launcher destroyed after a drone strike in the Sinai Peninsula.

Two officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the attack had been carried out by a drone from Israel and carried out with the cooperation of authorities in Egypt.

In April, Eilat was hit by two rockets that had been fired from an area in the Sinai Peninsula, but no damage or casualties had been reported.

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