ISIS Hostages Face Mock Executions in Camps Styled After Guantanamo

Javier Espinosa is a reporter from Spain, who last year was released from captivity by the Islamic State militant group. He said the group of terrorists has a detention center that is styled after the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

The detention center is in Syria where the terrorist group with Jihadi John subjects their captives to a series of mock executions, said Espinosa.

The reporter said the The Beatles – three fighters from ISIS that have British accents, led by Jihadi John the notorious executioner – held 23 hostages who were from 11 different Western countries in the Aleppo Gitmo styled detention camp.

One of the American journalists who was executed in 2014, James Foley, told Espinosa of the camp when the two were held together, said Espinosa on Sunday in El Mundo newspaper.

Foley explained to him that the terrorists had been inspired by the infamous prison the U.S. military had in Cuba. Foley added that the Iraqi sheik said he wanted Westerners kidnapped and locked up in a prison of high security with numerous guards and cameras.

Espinosa said the prisoners were routinely threatened by the terrorist to slit their throats and described the brutal process of a beheading.

Jihadi John would caress his neck with a knife blade and kept saying if he could feel it, if it felt cold and if he could imagine how it felt when it cut the skin. He even brushed his jugular vein and said that the blood starts to mix with the saliva.

Frequently, the terrorist would point loaded guns that were locked at the prisoners as another mock execution.

In the camp, the terrorists such as Jihadi John would stage various mock executions and would describe the beheading process to the prisoners, said Espinosa.

Hostages were also forced to watch the videos of the real executions including one in which a captive from Russia was shot using an exploding bullet and the guards would tell the prisoners that would be their fate.

Last March ISIS released Espinosa with Ricardo Garcia Villanova a photographer. He did not write about these experiences until now for fear of the terrorists executing the hostages that remained. Out of 23 hostages there have been 15 released, six executed and one killed in an airstrike.

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