ISIS Morale Falling Due to Mounting Casualties and Slowed Momentum

The Islamic State is suffering from flagging morale, factionalism and desertion, which is testing the radical militant group’s cohesion as its momentum has been slowed.

Fighters and activists in regions of eastern Syria that are under the control of IS said that as the progress slows militarily and the focus shifts to the governing of the regions taken, frustration has increased amongst the militants who had been thought to have the most effective and disciplined fighting force in the civil war inside Syria,

The group raced across eastern Syria and western Iraq during the summer in an offensive that sent shock waves across the globe.

ISIS continues to be a very formidable force: it has vast areas of territory under its control and continues making progress across western Iraq.

However, its fighters are now at their limit of areas of discontented Sunnis that they can take under their control easily.

In addition, the coalition, led by the U.S., has used airstrikes and offensives by ground forces that have halted the group’s progress.

U.S. armed forces announced earlier this week that coalition air strikes had killed at least two senior leaders in ISIS, though no confirmation was given to that claim.

On Friday, peshmerga Kurdish fighters broke the five-month jihadis’ siege of Iraq’s Mount Sinjar.

One activist in an area controlled by ISIS said that morale was not falling rather it already hit the ground.

Local fighters have become frustrated as they are doing the majority of the work and more of them are dying.

At the same time, foreign fighters had originally thought of this battle as an adventure and are now becoming exhausted.

One activist, who opposes both IS and the regime in Syria, said he verified there had been 100 executions of ISIS fighters from foreign countries who were trying to flee Raqqa a northern city in Syria and the de facto ISIS capital,

The dynamics are now different since air strikes started to be launched by the coalition in August.

That helped slow down and eventually break the ISIS momentum, which stemmed the influx of new foreign recruits although the mood change has not affected the hardcore individuals in the group.

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