Islamic State Allies Behead French Hostage

Algerian extremists that are allied with Islamic State the radical militant group that is in Iraq and Syria have beheaded a hostage who was French after France assisted allies with airstrikes in Iraq. The alleged beheading was seen in a video the group posted online on Wednesday.

Francois Hollande the President of France quickly condemned Herve Gourdel’s killing. Hollande added that France would not stop its fight against the Islamic State, which is a group of Sunni militants.

Hollande added that his fight against terrorism was strong and that the act of barbarity in killing Gourdel only reinforced it.

The Algerian group calls itself Jund al-Khliafah, which means Soldiers of the Caliphate. They announced that they would kill the mountaineer from France after he was abducted on Sunday unless France stopped its airstrikes aimed at Islamic State holdings.

France began its airstrikes Friday in Iraq.

The beheading of the hostages represents a big departure for the Islamic groups inside Algeria. In the last 10 years, the groups there have made millions by ransoming their hostages.

France has also paid ransoms, though several hostages have also been killed by captors in the past.

In the posted video, gunmen wearing masks representing the group that recently split from the North Africa branch of al-Qaeda, stood above Gourdel who was kneeling. They then pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the leader of the Islamic State.

They also said they had followed the instructions he had given them to attack the French.

The video showed how the man in the video was pushed hard to the ground and given a blindfold, before being beheaded.

France has been singled out for a long time by Islamic extremists as a target since the military in France attacked militants linked to al-Qaeda in Mali, the involvement by France in the Afghanistan NATO force and laws in France that ban Muslims from wearing face veils in public and banning head scarves while in public buildings.

Close to 1,000 radicals from France have joined Islamic State or attempting to.

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