Islamic State Blows Up Both Prisoners and Antiquities

The Islamic State reportedly executed three of its detainees in Palmyra the ancient city in Syria, by strapping the three to pillars and then blowing them and the antiquities up said a rights group in Syria.

The execution is a first for IS, that recently has invented different ways to execute prisoners. The human rights group said it had obtained its information from the myriad of different local sources it uses.

The report comes only a few days after the footage was released by the group that appeared to show IS militants executing a Syrian soldier who was just a teen by running over him with a tank.

Prior to his execution, the soldier can be seen confessing to using his tank to run bodies over of IS soldiers.

IS consistently uses social media and Internet to publicize its brutality.

In 2014, the terrorist militant group released a number of videos that showed beheadings of workers from the West.

In January, it released another video showing a boy executing prisoners that IS called spies.

IS also has continued with the destruction of many antiquities in Palmyra claiming the sties and the statues only promote idolatry.

The settlement that is first known at Palmyra dated back to the second millennium BC. IS took Palmyra from military forces in Syria in May with an offensive that resulted in the dominations of a large swath of Syria.

Islamic State beheaded the antiquities expert in Syria and has destroyed artifacts since then sometimes releasing new photos as proof.

During last August, the group announced it has destroyed the Baalshamin Temple which dated back to 115 AD and that it released photos of it being destroyed.

Earlier in October, the militant group reportedly blew the Arch of Triumph, an iconic relic in Palmyra that resulted in Syria’s head of its antiquities to plead to the international community to save Palmyra.

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