Islamic State Executed 116 Foreign Fighters

The Islamic State in only a few months has executed a minimum of 116 of its foreign fighters who wanted to return home and no longer fight, said a human rights group based in Britain.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said those who were killed had been foreign fighters who joined the militant group, but were caught when they tried to leave territories held by the militants.

However, the monitoring organization warned that those numbers were likely underestimated, as they believe the true number is much higher.

Those who have been killed for attempting to desert were amongst a total of more than 1,878 people that have been executed over the past six months by IS, which enforces extreme religious law in the areas it has under its control.

In the vast swaths of land under its control in Syria and Iraq, the group declared a caliphate in June.

Since then the IS has found against the Iraqi and Syrian governments, Kurdish forces and other insurgents.

The Islamic State has killed 1,175 civilians or more, including 8 women and 4 children.

The human right organization said 930 of those civilians killed had been members of Sheitaat, a tribe of Sunni Muslims from the eastern part of Syria, which had fought the militant group in August for control of two different oilfields.

Islamic State publicized its stoning and beheadings of a number of people in areas under its control. These are carried out for actions that are in violation of its interpretation of Islamic law, such as homosexuality, adultery, blasphemy and stealing.

Statistics show that 1 out of every 20 people executed by IS is a fighter from a foreign country who had come to join their cause.

The insurgency that has raged across parts of Syria and Iraq has attracted many thousands of young, radicalized Sunni Muslims who say it gives them a chance to prove their pious devotion.

Sunni youths across towns now under control of IS also face difficult choices between being a fighter or a suicide bomber for IS.

Last week a teen who was only 14 gave himself up to authorities in Iraq after he had been sent  to blow himself up in a Shia mosque.

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