Islamic State Hostage’s Parents Release Son’s Letter

The parents of an American hostage, who is a former Army Ranger and has been threatened with becoming the next person beheaded by the militant group Islamic State, released a letter they said their son write earlier on 2014. The letter said their son was afraid of dying by at peace with his Islam conversion.

On Sunday, in a prepared statement, Ed and Paula Kassig announced that they were told by someone who had been a hostage that Peter Kassig, their son, had voluntarily converted to Islam last year between October and December.

The Kassigs also detailed a letter their son sent them in which he gives thanks to his parents for their commitment and strength and appeared as though he was attempting to prepare the two for his death.

He said the hardest part is wondering, not knowing, wondering more and hoping.

He wrote that he was sad everything was happening and for what everyone back home was going through.

Kassig was stopped and taken captive in October of 2013 by Islamic State members within Syria. He had been providing aid to refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria.

The group announced last week after Alan Henning, an aid worker from Britain was beheaded, that Kassig is next in line.

The Kassigs have pleaded for the freedom of their son in a video that was released on Saturday.

The Kassigs said the complication their son has arises from him converting but that they say is a part of his long spiritual journey.

According to his parents, Kassig formed SERA, the Special Emergency and Response aid and assistance organization the help Syrian refugees.

He started delivering medical supplies and food to refugee camps, is a trained medical assistant and provided care to Syria civilian casualties.

His father, Ed Kassig, has said his son has become to admire and love Syrians, after growing up in Indiana with a family that has a rich background of teaching and humanitarian aid.

Kassig was in the U.S. Army from 2006 to 2007. He was a member of the Army Rangers and was in Iraq for four months in 2007.

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