Islamic State Lays Out Rules for the Wives of Jihad

Woman never should partake in any combat roles and are able to contribute to jihad via feminine manual labor like cooking as well as nursing fighters, according to the guidelines handed out by the radical militant group Islamic State on being the best wife of a jihad.

The militants in Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have disseminated new guidelines using social media via tweets and videos on how to be the best wife of jihad

The media wing of IS known as Zora Foundation, posted a new video in YouTube that details ways that women, who the radical militant group believes should not partake in combat, can contribute.

The video on YouTube speaks of administering first aid and nursing fighters back to health. It spoke of the preparation and cooking of food, sharia science and preparing women for the different contributions to jihad, which essentially is a way to attract others to go out there with the militant group.

One analyst that studies the Middle East, the lifestyles and the hierarchy of the Islamic State said it is guidelines of how to be a positive supporter of jihad and take the best role in the support, as a woman, of your mujahidin.

The Islamic State is constantly releasing propaganda that shows training regimes and brutal executions. The training is for members of the militant group, while the propaganda is used for threats to Western countries such as the coalition, led by the U.S., due to its continuation of airstrikes.

However, unlike any previous one, the latest guidelines are specifically for women who support fighters from the Islamic State by circulating the advice on the best way to be a good jihad wife.

The Islamic State through its accounts on social media have already garnered more than 2,000 active followers after only being established for two weeks, said one daily in Britain.

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