Islamic State Leader’s Wife and Son Arrested

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State militant group’s leader has been notified that his wife and son were arrested inside Lebanon.

The defense ministry for Lebanon confirmed a report that the woman and her child had been detained. Col. Anis Khoury a spokesperson for the military said Lebanon’s army was heading up an investigation but declined to give out more details.

As-Safir a daily in Lebanon broke the news first saying both had been detained 10 days ago close to a crossing point into Syria. The report said the arrest had been made in coordination with a number of foreign intelligence agencies.

The two had been carrying identification cards that were fake and the woman has been questioned.

A newspaper in France described al-Baghdadi, who formerly was the leader of Iraq’s al-Qaeda as the current Bin Laden. The U.S. has a bounty of $10 million on the IS leader.

Al-Baghdadi is based now in Syria and is known by the name Abu D’ua as well. He has taken credit himself for a number of attacks inside Iraq both on security forces of the state and on ordinary citizens the past 3 years.

This past July a video appeared of a man that officials claim is al-Baghdadi addressing a large crown from a balcony of a mosque in Mosul.

The city has over 2 million people and is part of the large portions of territory including parts of both Syria and Iraq that IS has declared a caliphate or Islamic state.

There is little known regarding the personal life of al-Baghdadi including the number of wives and how many children he has fathered.

Conservative interpretations of Islam say a man can marry as many as four women.

The first wife of al-Baghdadi is thought to be a citizen of Iraq who reportedly was held by authorities from Syria and then freed in exchange for prisoners, with a branch of al-Qaeda in Syria in early 2014.

Nusra Front this past March freed over one dozen nuns who are Greek Orthodox that ended a captivity of four months in exchange from authorities in Syrian releasing a number of prisoners who were female.

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