Islamic State Official is Beheaded

A senior Islamic State figure in the self-declared IS police force, which has carried out several beheadings inside Syria, was found decapitated in Deir al-Zor an eastern province, said a human rights group on Tuesday.

The decapitated man was from Egypt and known as the deputy emir in the province, said the British based human rights group.

His body showed signs of being tortured and was found close to an al-Mayadeen city power plant, said the group.

The Islamic State, which is an offshoot of the original al-Qaeda, has taken control of large areas of land in Iraq and Syria. The group had been targeted by air strikes led by the U.S. in both of the countries since mid September.

The human rights group, which gathers data from a vast network of ground sources, said a message that read “This is evil, you Sheikh,” had been written on the body of the man. A cigarette had been placed in the man’s mouth as well.

It was unclear who carried out the decapitation, but residents in the areas the Islamic State controls have said the radical group banned all smoking in public areas.

A group of unknown assailants attempted to kill two militants from Islamic State in the same city the body was found. The first attempt took place when a vehicle attempted to run over a militant close to a roundabout.

The other attempt took place when an attacker hit a member of IS with a metal weapon while traveling on a motorcycle. The IS member was wounded seriously.

The radical militant group has fought other insurgents as well as cracked down on the local populations across the area. It also had occasionally killed members of its own group for violations.

Activists and residents said the group has stoned to death and beheaded many people in different areas it has taken control of. The killings have been carried out against enemy fighters and for actions, the group see as a violation of how they read Islamic law, such as blasphemy and adultery.

Four men during this past December were beheaded in Syria after being accused of blasphemy.

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