Islamic State Releases 200 Yazidis Held Captive in Iraq

Radical, militant group Islamic State has released 200 or more Yazidis following five months in captivity in Iraq, said Kurdish officials on Sunday.

The Yazidis who were released were for the most part sick or elderly and likely slowed down the extremists.

Shirko Fatih a General with the Peshmerga and commander of all Kurdish force in Kirkuk a city in northern Iraq, told reporters that almost every one of the prisoners who were freed were in poor condition health wise and showed signs of neglect and abuse. Only three of the prisoners were young children.

The captives were transported by the militants from Tal Afar a northern town, where they had been held for the last five months after Islamic State raided the towns they lived in this past summer.

The Yazidis were dropped off by the militants on Saturday near the regional Kurdish capital of Irbil, said Fatih. On Sunday, the Kurdish authorities were holding the Yazidis while they were being questioned.

Fatih announced that it appeared as though the militants had released this group of prisoners because they had become a burden.

In August, thousands of the minority groups fled when the militant group of IS captured Sinjar, a northern town in Iraq close to the border of Syria.

However, hundreds of Yazidis were taken captive particularly women,

Iraqi as well as international authorities said that some women from the Yazidis had been sold into slavery.

Close to 50,000 Yazidis, with 50% being children, according to figures from the UM, fled to mountains just outside Sinjar with the town was raided. Some Yazidis still remain in the mountains to this day.

The Islamic State, which is Sunni militants, views the Shiite Muslims and Yazidis as apostates. They have demanded that Christians either commit to Islam or pay a special tax.

Currently, the Islamic State organization holds one third of Iraq.

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