Islamic State Releases Video It Claims Shows Beheading

The Islamic State militant organization posted an online video late Tuesday that it purported to show an American journalist being beheaded. James Foley, the journalist was beheaded, said the militant group out of revenge for the air strikes made by the U.S. against the militants inside Iraq.

The video was given the title of A Message to America. It showed images of on another journalist for the U.S., Steven Stoloff, whose life said the Islamic State depended upon how the U.S. acts inside Iraq.

The video, which was very gruesome, presented bleak options to President Obama that could define the involvement of the U.S. in Iraq and the reaction of the public to it. It could potentially drag the president even further into the conflict that he built a great deal of his presidency on bringing to an end.

Obama did not make a public statement regarding the beheading until there was a formal way to authenticate it.

A spokesperson for the White House said that if the video were genuine, the U.S. is appalled by such a brutal murder of an innocent journalist from the U.S. and our deepest condolences would be expressed to his friends and family.

However, other leaders in politics reacted much swifter.

David Cameron the Prime Minister of Britain interrupted his vacation and returned to work to lead the hunt for the identity of the man who was shown killing the journalist, who spoke with a British accent on the video.

Philip Hammond the Foreign Secretary in Britain said it did not surprise him to hear an accent that was British and that many British nationals were in both Syria and Iraq fighting.

Hammond told a news program in London that Britain’s intelligence services would be searching carefully everywhere it could to establish the authenticity of it and attempt to identify who the individual is and have him located.

Francois Hollande the President of France called for a meeting with the international community to discuss a way to stop the Islamic State.

Hoshiyar Zebari the Foreign Minister of Iraq urged world leaders to back Iraq versus the Islamic State, which he said was a threat to the whole world, not only to minority ethnic groups it is trying to kill off inside Iraq.

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