Islamists in Libya Kidnap 20 Christians from Egypt

Militant Islamists have abducted at least 20 Christians who are from Egypt and were in Libya, said sources close to the Libyan government.

The Ansar al-Sharia radical militia kidnapped 12 Christians on Saturday in Sirte a city on the coast, while the rest were kidnapped in the same city over the last few days, said a source in the city.

The identity of those kidnapped was not known, except they were all thought to by Coptic Christians.

There are thousands of Egyptians who are currently working in Libya, with the most working in the craft and construction sectors.

Those Egyptians and others have become targets as the country descends into great chaos.

In February, authorities found seven dead Egyptian Christians who were shot near Benghazi.

Just this past week, a couple who was Egyptian Coptic were found killed in their Sirte home, which is the hometown of Muammar Gaddafi, the longtime dictator who was overthrown as well as killed in an uprising supported by NATO over three years ago.

The couple’s daughter, who was 13, was kidnapped and later found, killed.

A local council chairperson said that attack could have been for religious reasons as there was not jewelry or money taken.

Since the dictator’s ouster, the small minority of Christians in Libya have expressed their fears over extremism by Islamists, especially with the increase of militias enforcing their own forms of law due to an absence of any central law.

Sirte, which is a little over 300 miles to the east of Tripoli, currently is under Islamic militia control of which Ansar al-Sharia is one of them.

The UN in December added the militia group to its list of terrorist organizations over its links to al-Qaeda and because of running training camps for Islamic State.

Libya is full of powerful militias that are heavily armed and rival parliaments.

Along with Sirte, Tripoli and Benghazi are for the most part held by militias. The government that is internationally recognized has taken refuge to the east.

Benghazi residents have said they are suffering from water, fuel and electricity shortages, since last Wednesday.

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