Israel Accused by Amnesty International of War Crimes

On Wednesday, Amnesty International accused Israel of carrying out war crimes during its 50-day war this summer with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

The organization said Israel had displayed a callous indifference in its attacks on homes of families in the coastal area that is densely populated.

The war this past summer left over 2,100 Palestinians dead. The dead included a number of civilians said United Nations and Palestinian officials.

Israel said the amount of militants that were killed was far higher and accuses the militant group Hamas of using its civilians as human shields. For Israel, just 66 soldiers and 6 civilians lost their lives.

Amnesty said on Wednesday in its report that Israeli forces had killed scores of civilians in attacks that targeted houses with families, which in certain cases have been determined to be war crimes.

The foreign ministry in Israel rejected the findings in the report saying the right group, based in London ignored documented war crimes that Hamas perpetrated.

The report did not mention the terror in relation to any armed groups of Palestinians or Hamas, nor did it mention tunnels that Hamas built to enter Israel and carry out terror attacks, said the ministry.

Israel launched the operation in Gaza during the early part of July in response to an increased amount of rocket attacks on cities in Israel by the Hamas rulers.

The Israeli operation followed an Israeli defense forces crackdown across the West Bank, where its troops arrested a number of Hamas militants as a response to the kidnapping and subsequent killing of three Israeli teens by operative from Hamas in June.

A number of weeks later, extremists Jews kidnapped and killed a Palestinian by burning him to death in what many called a revenge attack.

However, the war this past summer was the fiercest between the two in many years.

During 50 days of fights, the militant group Hamas fired thousands of mortars and rockets at Israeli cities and towns, including attacks on Tel Aviv. Hamas also used a sophisticated network of tunnels to carry outs its attack on military encampments by Israel in southern Israel.

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