Israel Airstrike Confirmed by Syria

On Thursday, the army in Syria confirmed that fighter jets from Israel had crossed into Syria airspace below the radar level to carry out airstrikes against targets.

What is still unclear however is what the exact targets of the Wednesday airstrikes were. State media in Syria said the airstrikes had targeted a research center for the military near the capital of Damascus. However, regional sources said the target for the airstrikes had been a convoy of vehicles that were allegedly transporting anti-aircraft missiles in Lebanon for Hezbollah.

Fighter jets from Israel, said the state run news agency in Syria, had violated the airspace of Syria around dawn on Wednesday to make the direct strike on a research center for self defense and resistance.

The army jet the Israeli jets entered the country through Mount Hermon and carried out an aggressive act by bombarding the center and killing two workers.

Both Hezbollah and Syria denied the reports earlier that said the airstrike targeted the convoy of vehicles carrying anti-aircraft missiles. On Wednesday, one diplomat from the West said that the airstrike had hit a truck with weapons that were headed to Lebanon from Syria.

Rebel fighters in Syria said the 4:30 GMT strike on Wednesday had hit a convoy in the mountains about three miles from where the main highway between Beirut and Damascus crosses the border.

Officials in the region said Israel had planned the attack for days, as they knew about the weapons being sent to Hezbollah. They said those weapons included anti-aircraft missiles that were Russian made and could be game changing for Hezbollah.

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