Israel Airstrikes Hit Gaza After Teens Found Killed

Israel, vowing that the militant group Hamas will pay, increased its airstrikes on the Gaza Strip after authorities in Israel placed the blame for the death of three kidnapped teenagers on the group.

Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister said the three teens were murdered by those he said were animals. The militant organization Hamas, which controls Gaza, has denied it was behind the teens’ abductions.

Islamic militant group said that if Israel brings war on Gaza, it would open the gates of hell on them.

The three teenagers from Israel disappeared nearly three weeks ago while hitchhiking home from an area in the West Bank.

Volunteers on Monday from a settlement nearby found the three bodies near Hebron, a southern city in the West Bank.

The disappearance of the teens had already hurt relations between the Palestinians and Israel. The deaths now threaten to make things that much worse.

The government of Israel, which convened an emergency Cabinet meeting over security due to the issue, appears to already have taken action.

The two homes on the West Bank of the two suspects that have been identified by Israel in the teens kidnapping have been destroyed. Israel has also stepped up its airstrikes in Gaza.

From Monday night into Tuesday over 40 airstrikes by Israel hit Gaza, said the medical and security sources of the Palestinians. The airstrikes targeted Islamic Jihad, Hamas and other militant organizations, said the sources.

Later, the military in Israel said forces carried out airstrikes on 34 Gaza targets, including terror infrastructure, since 18 rockets had been fired at Israel starting late Sunday.

It was unknown on Tuesday what other steps officials in Israel plan to take against Hamas.

Complicating things, Ma’an the news agency of the Palestinians reported on Tuesday a group, named Ansar as-Dawla al-Islamiya, which is little known, claimed to be responsible for kidnapping and killing the teens and had threatened to eliminate the Palestinian Authority.

Just days after the teens disappeared, Israeli forces started conducting searches for them. They searched homes, detained dozens and created havoc for the Palestinians.

Since the disappearance, 6 Palestinians have been killed by the military in Israel.

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