Israel and Turkey Urged to Restore Relations

On Sunday John Kerry the U.S. Secretary of State, on a visit to Istanbul urged Turkish leaders to restore complete diplomatic relations as quickly as possible with Israel. Kerry said Washington sees the two countries as the Middle East’s anchors for stability.

The top diplomat in the U.S. made his remarks during a press conference following his talks with Ahmet Davutoglu the Foreign Minister of Turkey in Istanbul during his first stop of this third visit to the region in less than a month.

Kerry said the two countries, of which both are important allies to the U.S., need to send their ambassadors back to each other as quickly as possible. He added that Israeli-Turkish cooperation would help to meet the challenges facing the region today.

Kerry told members of the press that he would like see the relationship between Israel and Turkey help in the peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel. Kerry added that Turkey could contribute greatly to future development of Gaza and the West Bank.

Last month, President Barack Obama of the U.S. brokered a Turkey and Israel reconciliation while on his Middle East trip. Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel apologized to Turkey following Obama’s trip, for the raid in 2010 on the aid flotilla for Gaza.

The raid killed one Turkish American, eight Turks and has seriously strained relations between the close regional allies of the U.S.

Davutoglu said the improvement of living conditions in Gaza was important and that Turkey wanted to see a two-state solution between Palestine and Israel based upon the line drawn before 1967, which would help restore peace in the region.


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