Israel and West Bank Praised for Efforts in latest U.S. Travel Advisory

met 1In the latest U.S. government travel advisory released for the region of Israel including the West Bank, both the Palestinian Authority and the government of Israel were praised for their efforts in protecting visitors and tourists. The advisory described conditions in the city of Tel Aviv and in Haifa as being similar or even better than in many of the major cities across the globe.

The advisory was released on Thursday by the U.S. State Department and reduced the alarm level put out at an earlier day through other advisories, while also advising caution to everyone visiting Israel as well as the West Bank region. The advisory also advised all visitors not to travel to the Gaza Strip.

The travel advisory said over three million people from different countries around the world, including hundreds of thousands of Americans, safety visit Israel and the West Bank each year for business, study and tourism. The Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority are continuing to make great efforts for the protection of U.S. citizens along with the citizens of every other country that sends visitors to the region.

The travel advisory did mention that citizens from the U.S. should take note that personnel from the U.S. government cannot use the region’s public transportation due to attacks that have taken place in the past. U.S. government personnel also must advise the U.S. Embassy security guard before they leave to travel in areas such as close to the South of Beesheva and the Gaza Strip.

Over the last six months, U.S. travel advisories for the area also warned about the increased probability that violence could break out.

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