Israel Heightens Security Following Deadly Stabbings

Security forces in Israel have increased their number of patrols and started clamping down on the Palestinians who entered Israel illegally after both a settler and soldier were killed in different stabbings.

Months of violence that has been politically motivated centered in Jerusalem has spilled into Tel Aviv. A Palestinian slipped into Israel and knifed a soldier close to the train station in Tel Aviv killing the soldier.

A couple of hours later a woman, who was 26, was stabbed and killed while two others suffered wounds outside Alon Shvut a settlement in the West Bank to the south of Jerusalem.

Volunteer and regular police patrols have been reinforced around the country. The army began tightening checks on people entering illegally, said a spokesperson with the police.

Many Palestinians entering Israel without permits work in businesses in Israel. A spokesperson for the Israeli army said more troops would be deployed in certain areas.

For months Israel has had problems with unrest that has been politically charged, sparked by the killing in July of a teenager who was Palestinian in Jerusalem in what many feel was retribution for the kidnapping and subsequent murder of three youths from Israel.

Disturbances continued during the war of 50 days Israel had with militants in the Gaza Strip and have expanded to clashes over the access to a compound on a hilltop in Jerusalem that is considered holy for both Jews and Muslims.

The fatal shooting of a man who was Israeli Arab this past weekend by police in circumstances that have been disputed has spiked friction again and touched off protests with some violent acts in certain areas populated with Arabs.

Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister said terrorists want to chase Israelis out of everywhere. However, he added, he promises that will not be successful.

After holding meetings with top legal and security officials, Netanyahu ordered more security forces to be deployed and that the homes of the ones who attacked by demolished.

Jacob Perry, the Minister of Science, and a former head of the intelligence agency Shin Bet said technology and weapons would not solve the security problems in Israel.

He said homeland security could not be achieved just through buying tanks, jets or other security systems.

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