Israel Hits Gaza After Rocket Fire into Israel

The Air Force in Israel targeted three sites suspected of being terror sites on the Gaza Strip Friday morning.

Hamas, said the Israeli Defense Minister, would pay a big price if did not act to stop rocket fire and different terrorist attacks against the state of Israel.

The IAF reported that direct hits had been confirmed in the three strikes. IAF aircraft targeted a manufacturing site for weapons, a terror activity site and storage facility for weapons in Gaza.

An Israeli spokesperson said the country’s citizens could not be held at the mercy of the terrorists that operate from the Hamas ruled Gaza.

The spokesperson said the bases of terrorism in Gaza and its industry of death would not remain immune while they attack the citizens of Israel. He said it was the obligation and right of the country to defend itself from aggression that is based out of Gaza.

The three airstrikes were made in succession on the targets located in the southern, western and northern sections of Gaza City.

Security officials from Hamas said the three strikes could be heard throughout the area after several missiles had been fired from F-16 planes from Israel.

Medical sources have said that ambulances and rescue teams rushed to each of the three targeted areas. The sources said at least eight civilians had been injured in the airstrike in the south near the city of Rafah.

The sources said the targets belonged to the Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Gaza Strip. Earlier in the day on Thursday, unknown militants had fired a rocket into southern Israel from Gaza.

The rocket did not cause damage to infrastructure nor did it kill anyone. The airstrikes by Israel on Gaza were in direct retaliation for the rockets.

No one up until now has claimed any responsibility for the missile attack in Israel. However, the country of Israel usually holds Hamas responsible for the attacks. Hamas is an Islamic group, which has been the ruler of the Gaza Strip that it violently took control of for the past 7 years.

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