Israel Hits Lebanon Target with Missile

On Friday morning, the Air Force in Israel attacked an area south of Beirut, Lebanon in response to being fired at with katyusha rockets in northern Israel on Thursday.

Moshe Ya’alon the Defense Minister of Israel said the Air Force had attacked a terror target inside Lebanon in the early morning hours of Friday. The attack, said the minister, came in response to the rocket fire in western Galil on Thursday.

He added that Israel holds the government of Lebanon responsible for the attacks and will not sit idle when attacked by rockets or any other provocation.

The defense minister concluded by saying the Israeli government will not allow the lives if its citizens to be disrupted by a foreign element. Therefore, he said, we are acting cautiously and responsibly so we can preserve the safety of our citizens.

Reports were the strike was successful and that every plane that was deployed return to base safely. A spokesperson for the Defense department of Israel reiterated that in Israel they held Lebanon’s government responsible for any hostile activity that originates within its borders.

The target the air force of Israel attacked was in Na’ameh, between Beirut and Sidon. A militant group of Palestinians in Lebanon announced that a base had been hit south of Beirut by a rocket, but that no injuries or substantial damage had resulted from the strike.

A local television station quoted a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command spokesman, as saying the base attacked was in Na’ameh. The same spokesman said officials from the PFLP-GC were shocked it had been targeted since the rocket fire that hit Israel earlier was claimed by a Sunni Muslim organization with Al-Qaeda links.

A crater over five meters deep was created by the rocket attack by the Israelis, but no casualties have been reported.

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