Israel Increases Defenses Over Possible Syria Strike

The military in Israel increased its defenses on its northern border, reported local media. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister warned against a retaliatory attack on Israel, amidst signs the UK and U.S. were preparing to attack Syria over that country’s apparent use of its chemical weapons against rebel forces.

With the possibility of war increasing, Netanyahu attempted to reassure Israel’s population that they were safe. In a prepared statement emailed on Wednesday he said there was no reason why routine should not be followed, while at the same time being prepared for whatever scenario.

Israel’s military, said the Prime Minister’s message, was ready to protect Israel’s people and respond in force against any or all threats.

Army officials said another Iron Dome defense system for intercepting missiles had been set up in Haifa, while it put an Arrow defense battery on alert for weapons of medium range including Iran’s Shihab missile.

Without naming sources, Israel Radio announced that Israel’s cabinet ministers had approved a call up of reserves. A spokesperson for the military said those reports were being checked.

Both Lebanon and Syria border Israel to the north. Lebanon is where the Hezbollah, the militant militia supporting the government of Syria is headquartered.

Some opposition groups in Syria have reported that more than 1,300 people were killed August 21 when the government of Syria allegedly attacked an area outside Damascus with chemical weapons.

John Kerry, the Secretary of State of the U.S., denounced Syria’s alleged attack. He called it a cowardly crime that required a response against Syria’s government.

If there is foreign military intervention it would be the first against the government of President Assad since the fighting started over two years ago that has claimed over 100,000 lives.Officials in Iran said any attack from the West on its ally Syria might result in reprisals that would target Israel.

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