Israel Kills Militants in Golan Heights

An airstrike by Israel has killed four armed militants that were in possession of a bomb along the border between Israel and Syria in the Golan Heights, said a military official from Israel.

An official spokesperson said that terrorists were planning an attack on troops from Israel and that the air force from Israel neutralized the threat.

Military sources have said that the militants had been spotted placing their explosives on Sunday near a fence close to Majdal Shams.

Israel did not identify the militants and it was not clear if they had been Syrians.

This past January, a general with the Iranian Republican Guards and six fighters from the Shia Islamist Hezbollah organization from Lebanon were killed by an airstrike from the Israeli air force in the Golan Heights inside Syria.

In the incident on Sunday, Israeli troops watching the demilitarized zone located between Syria and the Israeli-occupied area of the Golan Heights saw four figures reportedly trying to put their explosive device on a fence.

An airplane from the air force in Israel was immediately scrambled and fired a single missile at the group of militants killing all of them.

A Defense Forces of Israel spokesperson said on the official Twitter page there had been no doubt that the group was en route to an attack on Israeli forces.

Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel said that any attempt to hurt Israeli soldiers or citizens would be met with a response that is decisively similar to the IDF operation on Sunday preventing an act of terrorism. He commended the vigilant soldiers in the IDF, which had acted accurately and quickly.

Hours later, Hezbollah missile batteries and the army from the regime in Syria located in the Qalamoun Mountains close to the border between Lebanon and Syria were attacked.

The strike was attributed by al-Jazeera to the military in Israel, but the media in Israel quoted sources that denied that report.

A source in Israeli defense said that there was fighting in that area between jihadist militants from the al-Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front and forces from the government of Syria. The source added that Israel did not have an interest in getting involved with conflicts between those two sides.

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