Israel Reportedly Kills Four with Drone Strike

On Saturday, a militant Islamist group said that four members had been killed by a drone strike by Israel in the North Sinai area of Egypt.

The group, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, said its heroes became martyrs while carrying out their duties for the jihad versus the Jews on occupied lands, through a rocket attack.

Security sources in Egypt said earlier that a missile strike had killed four militants from the Islamist group on Friday while they were preparing to launch their own rockets into Israel.

It was unclear as to how the Islamist group had determined that four of its members had been the target of a drone strike carried out by the Israelis.

A number of different security sources said that the attack had been carried out by the Israelis, but the armed forces in Egypt officially denied that and a spokesperson for the Army in Israel declined to make a comment about the incident.

Israel and Egypt have cooperated in fighting back the threat from armed Islamist militants in the region of the Sinai over the past. Neither of the two seemed to be interested in creating a problem over this latest incident.

The Egyptian military was criticized by the al-Maqdis group for what it said was repeated cooperation with the Israelis.

The military in Egypt said there were two explosions about 3 km from the border south of Rafah Friday afternoon.

Sinai security sources said an aircraft from Israel had struck the militants. The strike, according to reports, killed four after it had discovered the group was planning to fire its own rockets towards Israel.

One source told reporters that the aircraft from Israel observed the Islamist militants preparing to three launch pads aimed at Israel.

Reports said one strike killed two men, and a second killed two more, when they attempted to step up and launch a rocket.

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