Israel Shells Lebanon After Rockets Fired

On Sunday, one rocket from Lebanon was said to have fallen into northern Israel, but did not injure anyone or cause any damage.

Nevertheless, Israel responded with use of artillery fire, said its military, in just the most recent disruption to a very fragile cease-fire that has for the large part kept the area quiet for over seven years.

The military of Israel said that as many as five rockets have been fired, with one landing in an open area in Kiryat Shimona, a town along the border with Lebanon. The Israeli military said in retaliation that it had fired dozens of its shells toward the rocket fire’s source.

The armed forces in Lebanon issued a prepared statement that said two rockets had been fired from the area of Hasbaya in southern Lebanon and that the military in Israel has responded by firing 32 shells that were directed at the sources of the rocket fire, but did not cause casualties.

This attack comes about 14 days after a soldier in the Lebanese Army shot and killed a soldier from Israel, who had been driving on the Israeli side of the border.

The peacekeepers from the United Nations, Lebanese and Israeli authorities said the killing was that of a rogue soldier and attempted to put an end to the tensions.

On Sunday, Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel said that Israel was holding the government of Lebanon responsible for any fire coming from its land. Netanyahu also blamed Hezbollah, the powerful Shiite militia from Lebanon that fought the 2006 month-long war against Israel.

Netanyahu said Hezbollah was stationing its rockets and missiles in apartments inside the heart of the area where civilians live, thus creating two war crimes at the same time.

The Israeli prime minister said the Hezbollah was firing at civilians, similar to what it did on Sunday and hiding behind the civilians using them as human shields.

Netanyahu added that the government of Lebanon along with its army was doing nothing to prevent arming and the crimes.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attack, though the recent rockets appear to be from smaller militant groups inside Lebanon rather than Hezbollah.

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