Israel Strikes Northern Gaza After Telling Residents to Leave

Israel warned thousands of residents to leave northern Gaza on Sunday. On Monday Israel unleashed an intense aerial bombardment on sites it said were used to launch rockets by Islamic militants at major population centers in Israel.

Over 17,000 residents of Beit Lahiya left their homes for facilities run by the United Nations.

Warplanes from Israel hammered the area left vacant on Sunday, hitting launch sites as well has homes of extremist group members, such as Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

The latest assault was mostly through the air, but the navy also is said to have fired from out at sea.

Despite such a concentrated attack, the militants continued firing rockets at a wide area of Israel, which set of warning sirens in Haifa, the coastal city and Tel Aviv.

A teen became the second civilian in Israel to be wounded severely over the past six days from the fighting after two rockets hit in Ashkelon.

No Israeli deaths have occurred due to militant rocket strikes.

The death toll in Gaza increased to 167, increasing international alarm over the amount of casualties. The United Nations said most of the casualties were civilians.

One extended family lost 17 members on Saturday after a home and mosque nearby were hit. Over 1,000 people have received injuries due to the air strikes.

Neither Israelis nor the militants appeared interested in listening to a statement from the Security Council of the U.N. calling for fighting to end.

In a telephone conversation between Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel and John Kerry the U.S. Secretary of State, Kerry offered once again, the assistance of the U.S. in brokering a return to a cease fire that stopped the last confrontation between Israel and Hamas back in 2012.

Netanyahu has insisted that no pressure from outside sources will deter his country from continuing the current offensive for as long as it feels it is necessary.

Israeli troops started to amass along the Gaza border for a possible incursion by land. Over 40,000 reservists have been called up to help the regular forces, said military officials.

Naval commandos performed a lightening raid Saturday night to become the first boots from Israel on the ground inside Gaza.

The raid was to eliminate a site the military said was the source of a number of rocket launches at central and southern Israel.

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