Israel Suspends Segregation Plan on West Bank

Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel and Moshe Ya’alon the Defense Minister decided on Wednesday to suspend a plan that would have separated bus travel of Israelis and Palestinians on the West Bank.

The program, which was launched on Tuesday, stipulated that workers who were Palestinian must return to the West Bank from Israel through the same checkpoint in which they had left and would not be allowed to board bus lines with Israelis.

On Wednesday, the Deputy Defense Minister MK Eli Ben-Dahan said at the Knesset that he had been surprised by the program’s suspension.

The suspension was welcomed by Reuven Rivlin, the President in what he said could have led to the unthinkable separation between Jews and Arab bus lines.

Yehuda Weinstein the Attorney General welcome the decision to suspend the program as well saying it would have created huge legal challenges.

Zionist Union Leader as well as opposition leader Isaac Herzog on Wednesday said that separating Jews and Palestinians on public transportation was humiliation, warrantless and a stain on Israel and all its citizens.

He added on a post on Facebook, that the move would fan flames of hatred toward the country across the globe.

Herzog called the decision another mistake by Netanyahu who gave into a decision that had nothing to do with the security of the country.

Gideon Sa’ar the former Minister of the Interior also criticized the program. He said the decision causes great harm to settlements in Samaria and Judea and to the image across the globe of Israel.

Those in favor of the program welcomed the program’s launch, saying it provided better security and service to both of the populations.

One supporter said that allowing the Palestinian workers to used the same buses as settlers on the West Bank caused theft, sexual harassment, theft as well as insecure feelings.

He added that the young and elderly had a hard time riding the overcrowded buses and those that are unaware of the reality are hypocritical, irresponsible and disingenuous.

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