Israel Voicing Concern Over Russian Military Deployment

Israel has joined the United States in the expressing of concerns about the military buildup by Russia in Syria ahead of its planned meeting on Monday in Moscow between Vladimir Putin the Russian President and Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel.

The visit by Netanyahu comes as the government of Russia signals its continual backing of the embattled regime in Syria of President Bashar al-Assad.

Military officials in the U.S. say that Russia’s fighter aircraft deployment to Syria and reinforcement of its coastal base indicated the Russians are preparing to involve forces from their military directly in the civil war in Syria.

Ashton Carter the Secretary of Defense in the U.S. discussed the military buildup with Sergey Shoygu last week the Defense Minister in Russia to clarify the involvement of Russia.

Russia says the buildup is from a longstanding delivery of equipment that is military related to Assad’s forces.

However, Russia’s most recent move has elevated the concerns of the government of Israel, which is worried that advance weaponry from Russia could fall into the wrong hands of militant groups like Hezbollah the Iran back Palestinian group which supports Assad as well.

Senior military officials from Israel joined Netanyahu on the trip to Moscow and were to meet with Putin along with Netanyahu on Monday.

The situation in Syria is very complicated for those who support the current regime or the rebels fighting to overthrow the regime.

Most of that comes from the Islamic State, which has taken over large swathes of land in Syria and is fighting against both rebels groups and the Syrian regime, which makes it difficult to keep track of, who is on your side and who is against you in the civil war.

Moscow wants the war to be ended then hold a discussion of who will lead a new government in Syria, but does not want Assad to be taken out of the picture entirely or just yet.

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