Israeli-Canadian Woman Returns from Syria

Gill Rosenberg an Israeli-Canadian woman who joined a group of Kurdish militants that are battling the Islamic State returned to Israel.

In her interview with Ynet an Israeli media site, Rosenberg explained her reasons for leaving Tel Aviv to join the Kurdish forces inside Iraq and why the role of Iran in the conflict had led her to come back.

Rosenberg, who is 31, explained why she had left the battlefield and returned home.

The reports of Rosenberg leaving the country of Israel to join forces with the Kurdish rebels first surfaced in November of 2014

The internal security service of Israel known as Shin Bet reportedly questioned Rosenberg when she returned and claims she had been in Syria since November of last year until the start of 2015, when she traveled to Iraq to fight with the Kurdish Peshmerga. Then she reportedly lift Iraq about 10 days ago, flying first to Paris and then to Israel.

According to this report, the complex military and political dynamics and the increased presence by Iran in the field prompted her to leave. Iran’s role and the advance of ISIS led me to understand it was time to return back to Israel.

Rosenberg, who immigrated in 2006 to Israel, cites her identity as a Jew as part of her reason for deciding to travel to the region and take action against the atrocities carried out by ISIS.

She said the situation taking place in Iraq and Syria touch her heart and she wanted to do something that would help. She knew, according to her, that Kurdish Peshmerga forces allow female fighters and that is where she decided she was going.

During an interview, she blasted the people who had blamed Israel and the U.S. for helping ISIS. She said the two governments did not train ISIS but still many people think they did.

She said it was difficult for here to leave and return to Israel as she left behind a friend she fought beside.

She called her time with the Kurdish fighters very tough as the country was at war and beside fighting taking place on the front lines, there are over 3 million people either displace or in refugee camps.

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