Israeli Military Strikes Military Base in Syria

An official from the White House administration said on Thursday that Israeli military aircraft had struck a Syria military base near the port city of Latakia during the week.

News agencies in the Middle East had reported an explosion had taken place at a site for missile storage in the vicinity, but the Israeli government has not confirmed that it had made an attack.

The target, said the official from the White House, was missiles as well as their related equipment that Israeli officials felt could be transferred to Hezbollah, the militant group based in Lebanon.

The official from the White House did not want to be identified due to the sensitive nature of the incident and information.

Some confusion took place about the attack and when it took place, with some reports announcing it had been on Wednesday, while others said Thursday.

When a spokeswoman for the Israeli military was asked about the reports, she said the military does not refer to reports that are foreign.

Israel, on several occasions, has been accused of launching airstrikes into Syria, including one in January.

The January incident, said an official from the U.S., was fighter jets from Israel bombing a convoy in Syria that was suspected of moving weapons to give to Hezbollah.

At the time the allegations were made, the military in Israel did not make any comment, but has said for quite some time it would target all weapon transfers to Hezbollah or any other groups that had been designated as terrorists.

The reports on Thursday come at a time when the Hezbollah, the militant group of Shiite Muslims had helped the government forces of Syria.

The head of Syria’s government, President Bashar al-Assad is an Alawite, an offshoot of the Shiite, while the rebels fighting against the government forces are for the most part Sunni Muslims.

The conflict in Syria started in March of 2011 following a crackdown by government forces during peaceful protests that came out of the Arab Spring demonstrations that took place around the region.

The U.N. estimates that over 100,000 people have been killed since the conflict started.

The military in Syria took control back of the town of al Safira, which is believed to have a facility to produce chemical weapons.

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