Israeli Youth Killed Near Border with Syria

An Israeli youth has been killed and two other men wounded during an attack on the vehicle of an Israeli defense contractor on Sunday morning in the Golan Heights. This is the first person from Israel killed on the Israeli side of the border with Syria since the civil war in Syria started over 36 months ago.

The dead youth’s identity was not released, but officials said he was 15. It was not clear why he was in a water tanker near the disputed border. Some reports suggested he had been working with his father since school was out of session for the summer. Reports also said one of the two wounded was the boy’s father.

The military in Israel made an immediate respond through tank fire on the positions of the Syrian army, though an official spokesperson said it was not known if the deadly attack had come from Syria or rebels who have a large presence in that area.

However, the military spokesperson did say the attack was intentional and was the biggest incident at the border since the civil war had started.

It was not known if a mortar, rocket, explosive device or tank fire was used during the attack, but it had been fired from the east toward the west and a hole was found later along the border fence.

The attack in the Golan Heights took place only hours after two Palestinians had been shot and killed in confrontations with troops from the Israeli military in the West Bank.

In all, four Palestinians have been killed in an aggressive crackdown by Israel following the abduction on June 12 of three yeshiva students who are teenagers.

Another Palestinian is in critical condition at a hospital in Jerusalem after he was shot on Friday in the head.

Though the arrest campaign by Israel has slowed substantially, with only 10 people detained on Saturday night compared to more than 80 last week, the violence in the area has picked up.

Early Friday authorities caught a Palestinian who had infiltrated Israel through the Gaza Strip and was in possession of a grenade.

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