Israel’s Netanyahu Upset with Peace Initiative by France

Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel prefaced the talks about a peace initiative led by France on Sunday by commenting that foreign powers were attempting to dictate to Israel over a peace deal with the Palestinians.

Laurent Fabius the Foreign Minister of France during a visit of two-days in the Middle East, was due to meet with the Palestinian leaders in the West Bank prior to a visit with Netanyahu later on Sunday.

Fabius is pushing an initiative led by his country that would see the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, which fell apart in 2014, revived through a support group of countries including the European Union, Arab states, and members of the United Nations Security Council.

Netanyahu, in remarks made to members of his cabinet, said that international proposals that are trying to be forced upon the country did not consider the security needs of Israel.

He added that they are attempting to shunt Israel towards borders that are indefensible, ignoring what would happen on the other side. Netanyahu was referring to his argument he often uses that militant would take areas over that Israel vacated unless strong security agreements were negotiated.

He made no mention directly of the new French initiative but the remarks he made, only hours prior to meeting with Fabius, were interpreted widely in Israel as harsh criticism of the proposal made by France.

The French have thus far focused with the Arab States on a possible resolution from the UN Security Council that would set the parameters for negotiating and would establish a period of time, possibly 18 months to have the talks completed.

Netanyahu however said that the only way agreements could be reached was through negotiations between both sides and the country firmly rejects attempts to force these international dictates on it.

In December of 2014, the U.S. voted against a resolution drafted by the Palestinians calling for a withdrawal by Israel from occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank and establishing a Palestinian state before the end of 2017.

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