ITU Requests Iran to Verify the Claimed Rate of Internet Penetration

ITU Requests Iran to Verify the Claimed Rate of Internet Penetration

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) requested Iranian government to verify the claimed rate of Internet penetration via reliable documents and proofs.

3 years ago Iran’s Static Center announced that the Internet penetration rate in Iran was only 11% while in the last year the communication ministry of Iran said the total rate of Internet penetration is around 42%. The big fraction between these numbers created many troubles for Iranian government. ITU doesn’t accept the number reported by Ministry of Information and Communications Technology. The international organization now asks for formal and credible proofs from Iran.

Amir Hossein Mohebali, an official of Iran’s communication ministry, believes the reported rate of Internet penetration by Iran’s Static Center was not true and the ministry has enough documents to validate its claims. “There were only two questions related to Internet and Computer in the questionnaire of Static Center and we believe that statistic is not reliable. The numbers reported base on the recent census is approved by ministry.”

Some reports show that Iran has only 11 million Internet users but governmental statistics report for 45 million Internet users. In 1993 Iran became the second country in the Middle East to be connected to the Internet, and since then the government has made significant efforts to improve the nation’s ICT infrastructure.

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