Jet Disappearance could be Intentional

Investigators amidst the search for the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing said on Friday the whatever it is that happened to that flight and the people on board could have been intentional and investigators are looking into whether one of the two pilots on the plane might have been involved.

The Transport Minister from Malaysia made it clear that the investigators are not aware of what did happen to the flight despite intense searching for over a week. However, they did determine the plane continued to ping long after the transponder stopped sending signals after it had disappeared off radar.

Officials said the two systems of communication on the plane had been shut down separately and possibly manually.

The transportation minister said a number of possibilities were being explored and it could have been intentional. It also could have been done due to duress or due to an explosion.

When he was asked if investigators were looking into whether one of the two pilots on the plane might have been involved in what happened on the plane, he answered that possibility is being looked into.

The investigation regarding the pilots was taking place, but their places of residence had not been searched as of yet.

The CEO at Malaysia Airlines, Ahmad Jauhari Yahya added more speculation that the disappearance of the plane could be the result of a plot instead of the airplane’s systems having a catastrophic failure.

The plane disappeared early Saturday only an hour after takeoff en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. Attention has shifted to the Indian Ocean, as officials believe it might have flown westward because military radar in Malaysia picked a signal up after the flight had disappeared and believe it might have been that flight.

Investigators are attempting to find data from different satellites that were pinged by the airliner. They hope that the contacts could aid in plotting the final position of the plane.

Officials from Vietnam added to the mystery Friday by revealing the flight left Malaysian airspace without making contact with air traffic controllers in that country.

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